Monday, September 22, 2008

Taras Diamond

Michelle sent me these pics of Rachel and Tara. Rachels having a great time with her and loving her personality!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dressage Days 4 & 5, CTRs, Sebs Big Day Out

Its been a Long time waiting for this update to be done.
Pumpkin had a relapse with his abscess and missed the final two days of the WHS Dressage Series. He only came completely sound last weekend so theres lots of catch up to do. We had planned to go to the Dressage at Clevedon on the 4th of next month but have decided that we will pass on that and do the Unreg WRC Day which is on the same day. It will be a chance for Pumpkin to get himself back into the swing of things and I thought it might be a good opportunity for Finn to have a crack at Novice. Finn did the 1.6 on the last day of the WHS series and nailed it with 69%. Its the old Novice 2.1 and it rode really well. So its time to get our feet wet with Novice. We will continue to do the season at Prelim of course but play at Novice at the WRC days.

Last week was the WAR CTR 2 and as Pumpkin was still out of action we decided it was a good chance to take Sebastian for his first Big Day out. The week before he went for a hack down the road but apart from that hes never been ridden outside of the gate so going to the big Forest was quite an adventure. Because I was going to be going fairly quick with Finn Vanessa paired up with 2 others who were going to be going at a more sedate pace which suited the fact that Seb was not that fit.

As it turned out the two they paired with were complete fruitloops. It was reported that Seb was the sense of reason amongst the two nutters who were spinning spooking and generally being stupid. He was completely composed and did not bat an eyelid at the best efforts of the silly fools.
They came in only just a little over time recovering at 42BPM which I was absolutely gobsmacked at. For a young horse on his first outing in strange surroudings and with strange riding partners it was absolutely brilliant. Had they come in earlier he would have placed. Gotta love the laid back boy.
Finn finished in 4th place with a heartrate one beat over Sebs!