Sunday, June 22, 2008

Woodhill Sands Dressage Day One

Today was the first day of the Woodhill Sands Winter Tournament. It was Finns Debut as a registered horse and Pumpkins second Elementary start. It was the most crappy rainy horrible day but we trucked on regardless expecting to get soaked. Finns tests were first and it absolutely pelted down during our warmup but stayed bright for both of our tests and amazingly stayed fine for the rest of the day. After Finns exciting day jumping yesterday I found the brakes were rather faulty. Non existant in fact! I dispaired of finding them at all but when it was my time to do my test I just thought Oh well here we go. We entered the arena and the Finn Star came to the fore. Ok he said No jumps involved. I know what to do and the Brakes miracuously reappeared. He was still however a tad stronger than he should have been. He did two pretty outstanding tests and won his second test and was 3rd in the first one. Great percentages too of 68.2 and 65.2. There is nothing more satisfying than starting a fresh new registration book and being able to add 12 of the possible 14 points available and $60.00 prizemoney! A great start for his career as a dressage horse. Pumpkin decided to be Mr Cranky Pants half way through his warmup. He was squiggly and resistant. He did two very ordinary tests and I found out when I got back to the float why he was so cranky. He was busting to Pee! Stupid boy. He got 3rd in both tests by default of the fact that most of the good Elementary horses decided to stay tucked up in bed away from the rain!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Finn and Zoe @ the Vaughan Jeffries Clinic

Photos thanks to Michelle Horan.

Tara and Rachel @ the Vaughan Jeffries clinic

Today Rachel and Tara attended a clinic with Vaughan Jeffries. Photos by Michelle Horan

Sunday, June 15, 2008

This Week

Wednesday we had another beach ride. This was a club day so I took Finn. It is nice when I get to ride him as Pumpkin is so competitive in a crowd and not much fun. We had a lovely ride and a shared lunch at the end.
Thursday evening was Club Prizegiving and it was a bit of an embarrasement of Riches.
Both Finn and Pumpkin have been great this season and we came home with 4 trophies,2 dress rugs,2 bottles of shampoo,and a pooper scooper. And to just continue on in the jamminess I won the raffle. A first for me but I was determined that it was going to be mine.! So I am also now the proud owner of a BJ Merino swallow tail dressage pad. I don't know how I am going to better that season!
Friday I had a lesson on Pumpkin and we seem to be getting to grips with our walk pirouettes. Trot Half pass is now good so next step is to progress to Canter half pass and flying changes. The first of the Woodhill Sands winter series is in 2 weeks so its onwards and upwards.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This Week

I have been very sick all this week so not much activity on the horses front. But Tara has a new lease home. Chloe was finding it difficult with 7th Form and winter so had to reluctantly let Tara go. Huge Thanks to Michelle Horan who emailed me within half an hour of me putting out the word that Tara needed a new home. Her friend Rachel is now Taras new mother and a fine pair I think they make too. Rachel has already booked in for Vaughans next clinic and has great plans for Tara. It will be great to see her out competing again.