Thursday, April 30, 2009

Injuries Suck :(

I seem to be having a real run of bad luck when it comes to injuries. First it was Pumpkin having nearly 4 months off after his run in with fireworks and then the week he was due back to work I tore my archilles. So its been a slow rehab for me and has really slowed me down and made using of my right leg painful.
And if that was not enough Finn decided that he did not like the clippers and jumped on the other foot leaving me crippled on 2 legs. Its been two weeks now and I am shuffling around like I pooed my pants. Riding is not good. I can only trot for a few minutes at a time before it becomes too sore and I need to walk again. I have both horses entered in a comp this weekend and am not sure how I am going to get through 4 tests let alone getting through the trot in just one. I had a specialists visit this week for my achilles and the Dr looked at me in dismay as I hobbled in with one black and blue foot and a very bowed archilles on the other! Next week a MRI which will hopefully shed some light on why my achilles is so sore. The bad news is that the Specialist says I might have to be in a moon boot! That will mean no riding at all. Not good at all and I will be fighting that one if I can.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

81.7% OMG

Last Sunday I took Finn and Pumpkin to the Waitemata Dressage Day at Woodhill Sands.
It was Pumpkins first outing in 5 months and Finns in 3.
I did not expect much from Pumpkin as hes only really been back in work less than a month and had yet to regain the required strength for an Elementary test.
What I did not count on was his excitement at being out again! His tests were exciting to say the least. The collected trots were non existant but the mediums were stong and huge. The medium canters bought about sproinging all down the long side! It was all a bit of a laugh really and he scored the worst scores hes ever had. Oh well. To be expected really.

But Finny really excelled himself. He got the best score hes ever acheived 81.7%.
I was pretty excited with the 75% he got at Auckland Champs but never have we got 81 in a registered competition. Move over Anky! :) His first test was pretty ok but he was a bit tense and tight in the poll. We scored 66% for third place. He had relaxed more for the second test for the huge score. We even beat the horse that was 3rd Overall at HOTY. Granted that one did win the first test though but we were not that far behind him!

Finn has continued to amaze me this week. I decided to run through one of the Elementary tests that Pumpkin had done last weekend and he nailed it. I reckon he would have got a better score than Pumpkin. Not that it would have been hard with Pumpkins yehaa antics!
So its onwards and upwards from here. Next comp will be his debut at Novice. Unfortunately they have the 2.5 scheduled which is a bitch of a test so I will just do the easier Novice and the harder Prelim on the day.