Monday, July 27, 2009

WHS Training Showjumping

On Sunday we took Pumpkin out to do a couple of classes at the WHS SJ training Day. Pity about the crap photographer. Sorry Zoe.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Just some old pics I found in my camera of Tika at 4 months. She does not look this sleek at the moment. More like a hairy fat yak. The couple of pics of her in the yard was the first day of her weaning where Babe was in the stable and her in the yard for a few hours. She was not amused at the milkbar being closed.

Back in the Saddle

Yay I am now riding again. I have had my boot off for nearly two weeks now and although I am still pretty lame I can at least ride. The break had healed nicely but the ligament which had been torn was taking alot longer to repair and will still be sore for some time yet. So with the Achilles on the other leg still also sore I am still shuffling around. I have lost alot of riding fitness so its going to take some time to get back on form though so it will be a while before I tackle any competitions.
The horses at least have kept up some level of fitness with the odd ride when I could co-erce someone to ride them. I took the time out as an opportunity to send Pumpkin to Lisa Coupe for 11 days to get a jumping refresher. At the end of the time there he went to a Showhunter training day at WHS. He was very tired and grumpy after his extensive schooling with Lisa and did not jump that well so did not place in any classes.