Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I have a new Horse!!

Welcome to Stonedale Magician a 5 yr old unbroken Welsh CobX by Millcreek Valiant out of TB mare Cautious Leigh. 15.2 ish.
He was started about 14 months ago but then his owner and her husband took over a farm management job up North where there was lots of work and no time for horses. No flat land either so not conjucive to finishing a youngster. So Magic got left.
So I have a bit of a job on my hands to get him back to where he was and then finish him off. Hes been hardly handled in the last year so there will be a bit to do.
But I am looking forward to this new project. Hes going to be a lovely horse and will be my fun horse for the times where its not practical to be taking out a stallion.
Hes not coming for 2 weeks as he is being delivered in a truck so until then I have to wait!

Unfortunately I have issues with this new computer accepting photos so until I get it sorted here are his pics.

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