Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nadine Francois Clinic

I have just completed a 4 day clinic on Henry with Belgian dressage rider Nadine Francois. Nadine trained for a decade with the late Portuguse maestro, Nuno Oliveira, regarded by many as the best dressage rider of the 20th century. Nadine's approach can best be described as classical, and closely mirrors Oliveira's methods, including the in-hand work. Her approach is softness of the horse.
Without a doubt this was the best clinic I have ever attended. It really opened my eyes to how bad I have been riding of late. By the end of the 4 days Henry was so unbeleivably soft and forward it made me feel so bad for how badly I had been riding
Finn and Pumpkin. Now I just have to keep up the work and hope I don't ruin it until Nadine comes back again in October. In the meantime I need to change my trainer back to the one I was using 4 years ago. I had stopped using her only because another trainer was more convenient. Its something I now regret. No pics sorry.

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